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Most people don't know that messenger apps are widely available on any device and any platform. The Android messengers that most people use today are quite good at being reliable, some would even say that they are even more reliable than SMS. I guess the real point of this is that if you want to chat on your android device, you don't have to be stuck using an outdated technology such as SMS, rather you can use something from the app era we live in.

It's always good to remember that not every app out there will be a free one. Free chat apps are hard to come by these days. A few of them have yearly fee to keep using it. From an investor's standpoint it's a great business model, but there has to be another way for a company to make money without charging fees upfront or throwing annoying ads everywhere. One app that is taking on this challenge is known as TAP Messenger, and they are proposing an app that has no ads, no fees, and plenty of features.

You would think that it would be impossible to offer an android phone chat for free like this. In fact it does seem a bit impossible, does it not? Well the way TAP plans to earn revenue is from micro transaction for items like username colors, name badges, stickers, smilies and more. The idea is that users will enjoy the app so much they will want to pony up the 99 cents voluntarily in exchange for a way to define themselves within the app. It's a bold move, but a step in the right direction as far as I'm concerned.

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